Mentally Ill clients can live in Independent living homes and be successful at it

I had a discussion with one of my facility owners and he was advised that the local Community Care Licensing agency in Woodland Hills said they are discouraging owners of Board and Care facilities from owning Independent living homes.

I’ve been in the business since 2006 and i’ve found that Independent Living Homes, allow for these clients to really be independent- washing their own clothes, dispensing and administering their own meds, making their own meals, shower, get dressed, groom themselves, cleaning their rooms, etc..

When they are in the assisted living; a lot of things are done for them and they never learn how to care for themselves. Independent living homes should be paid just as mush as the board and care as it takes time to show these  guys/gals how to be independent.  Right now they only get about $998.00 per month versus $1,040.00 after you subtract the $130.00 spending money they get back from the facility.  Finding housing is hard enough then to be thrown into large assisted living homes with more aggressive people, could be hard for that quiet and passive client.  We have long term clients in our homes that’s been there for over 8 years. That’s a long time.  I wish these government agencies would give these people a chance and stop messing with Independent Homes.  They are only room and board housing and don’t provide care, but they do much more for clients who wish/desire to be independent.  In assisted living homes, the are so many in one place; that some of them don’t get the support they need and the staff ratio is crazy.  Some say it’s like 1 to 14 or something like that.  In the independent the ratio is like 1 to 6 or 1 to 9.  At this time where people are loosing their jobs and families unable to look after their family members, it would make more sense to allow for independent livings to be viable options for people to reside.  They are here, in operation and not going anywhere anytime soon as long as there’s mentally ill clients needing housing. That’s my two cents on this matter.

Blog- ways to help the homeless population in California and in other states:

Ways to help the homeless population in California and in other states:

  1. provide travel shower facilities to help them get clean and obtain clothes and shoes.
  2. provide a meal as well for them
  3. while they are utilizing the free service; set up an in service process to obtain some basic information on them and their family (if any).
  4. help make contact with their family.
  5. provide some type of voluntary  counseling to start them on the process of getting help.
  6. provide medical services to them and provide a thorough check up from head to toe.
  7. afer the check up; provide them help filling medications if needed.
  8. offer them some type of housing services that will start them slowly on the path to home sufficiency.
  9. don’t give up on them.
  10. city officials must be on board and in support of all these things as it will cost money to provide such services.
  11. have nearby foot personnel talking to the people and letting them know what services may be out there.
  12. you can’t help everyone; you can help those who want to be helped and the other’s you’ll keep tying until they understand that being homeless is not the best thing for them.